Robe of Unification 2010-2011

Wild Crafted and Spirit Inspired. Composed of Jobs Tears hand picked on the Big Island of Hawaii. Woven in a mirroring Golden Mean (3 4 5, 4 3 4 5 4 3 4 … and Fibonacci sequence (2 3 5, 3 2 3 5 3 2 3 5 3 … with primary and secondary colored thread augmenting each sequence respectively. Each outer strand is adorned with 5 golden Buddha beads from Burma, the crown in jade and amethyst. Strung together with fishing line to help reel in the mantras/meditations/intentions 

Achieving Unity  

Through Harmony with the oneness of our individuated experience  

In the collectiveness of the lives of a family/microcosm  

Binary black-wholes reflecting to the macrocosm/comUnity

In Loving Grace with Laughter traced to the exact fractal of this kiss. 

Divine Origins of Bliss

Calling in the now light wave of paradigm change  

A Culture sharing abundant purposeful lives integrated nurturing gratitude.

Aloha Namaste

This Art.i.fact was first worn in ceremony for the Unification of Duality (wedding) On the Spring Equinox of 2011 by the Creator

    In Sacred Dance

   Bird Tribes Enliven

 Blessings to All Beings

Better pictures coming soon

The Mala of Immortality (Remembrance) 

The Mala of Immortality (Remembrance) is a piece of our ancestral heritage brought to life in three stages. 

The first stage occurred on the Big Island of Hawaii, where a current of the Pacific from Mexico brings any trash that enters it to Kamilo Beach (Trash or Rainbow Beach) on the south east coast. Here I offered clean-up service, keeping plastic bottle caps to make a mala. Each piece of  ancestral heritage (bottle cap) had 2 holes burned into them representing the two eyes and scratch marks for the mouth of a skull. Traditionally the skull mala is associated with Kali and the notions of liberation, knowledge, & wisdom granting us the ability to overcome the ego and clear our inner darkness. The Mala of Immortality was worn/mantra-ed for four months traveling around the east side of the Island and on a trip to the west coast of the USA. Whenever people asked about it, I explained the role plastic plays in killing many hundreds of species along with changing the nature of certain parts of the ocean was engaged in. Our Ancestors did their best to make a better world -- I love them for that -- and we must be mindful of our actions to truly offer our lineage a renewed planet. This first mala was so long that when it was worn came down to the knees when wrapped twice. It was destroyed while dancing on a number of occasions. 

A second mala was made from materials found at Trash Beach. It now rests as the entry way to the Elemental Play Land, a living play structure made from guava trees in a thickly forested area of the Big Island, this project is 3' wide extending to 30' and then tapering to 2' x 150' long and allows access to the jungle canopy. It is a designed environment with the intention that those who come to play will weave some of the trees nearby into it and leave a trace of themselves as integrated beings in this co-creative-jungle-gym. 

Existence has asked that a third mala be made as a connecting link to the second. It will spread to Canada the message of honoring our ancestors and becoming more mindful of our actions. This third mala is comprised of plastic bottle caps gathered in Toronto while walking through the city and by the beaches of Lake Ontario. 

As a ritual "Art-i-Myth" (there are very few artifacts in existence that stay "facts" very long), this is a magical creation.  When donned the Mala of Immortality brings the wearer and any observers into an unordinary moment -- moment of novelty. This novelty opens a space for greater awareness/insights into existence. It is my prayer that each being who engage in this novel experience be moved to realize their role(s) in co-creating our reality. We must  create a more balanced life in harmony with our whole body, for we humans can not exist without our biosphere (Gaia/Earth). In this finding liberation, knowledge, & wisdom.

A Deeper Vision.pdf A Deeper Vision.pdf
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A poetic expression, to reveal the deeper insights of this Mala of Immortality (Remembrance). A vision of an emerging species, super organism. 

As an intuitive painter Reed combines a level of play and focused creation to bring the paintings to life. Using styles of drip, pointillism, and free association.   Frequently incorporating recently deceased insects, these paintings often reveal forms from the natural world. All of the works here were created during Reed's six years on the Big Island of Hawai'i. 

Please take the time to enlarge the these photos to get a clearer image. The originals are mostly 3'x5'

All are available as prints.

 For Reed's video collection please see HallowedReed on youtube

Imaginariums a dreamers dream come true

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