March 6, 2013

Peace begat the homage
Be as water

While spirit imbibes
the flesh

breath induces duality

birthing stars igniting
galactic embryos 

condensing consciousness
collapses black-wholes
exposing worm holes
to the thoughts
of this moment.

Synapses sparkle
ॐ at the center
of heart.

Rainbow body

ॐ mani padme hum 

March 5, 2013

Sharing this dream of wakefulness,
gentle as a tulip opening to greet the sun,
stark as the view from a jutting precipice.
Taking the leap, opening the mind, 
to possibilities beyond our cognition.
The co-creative consciousness bursts 
into shape.

Kaleidofractal-truncating prisms 
where the light of consciousness is slowed
to become our perceptions. 

moment of grace
where this story is the shared breath
feeling the trees and grass fill the lungs,
while every pore opens and closes 
to suck in this sweat amrita. 
As each ray of light nourishes the subtlest of self.
Namaste ringing out to the world
from that quiet place in these eyes.

a sharing with the wind...

March 4, 2013

Surfing the waves of emotion and constant shifting surfaces of life flux. Knowing that the subtle winds of consciousness guide with ease when open to receive. Heart spread as wings soaring on star-dust, transposing infinity into the here and now. Reflections eternal crushed into the shining diamond of the soul blazing brightly. This light house rings out, beware the jagged shore line, a cooling beach rests to the south. I feel the breeze and drink astral cocos to replenish. Bless  

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