Reed Richard Artist of Life, breathing life into creation.

I have been specializing in Music, 22 years experience playing saxophone - in bands and solo, as a DJ with 15 years of experience - specializing in Ritual Dance (Ecstatic Dance style), & producing my own brand of Audio Curiosities - electronic acoustic blends.

I also work as a Rejuvenation Specialist. Harmonizing the body/mind/spirit, as a Reiki Master, Sound & Crystal Healer, and intuitive body worker. I clear, balance, and charge your meridians, chakras, aura, & merkaba simple and effective session.

I am also an intuitive painter, maker of sacred garments and adornments. See creations.


Reed is available to offer his musical services, Listen here:
DJ sets             Saxophone            Audial Curiosities 

For Rejuvenation Sessions Please contact me now!

For painting or sacred garments please contact me.


   Here is a peak at one of my favorite activities, Inverted Saxophone playing. Check my youtube page for more. 


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